Amazon In Deals To Integrate Fire TV In Ford, BMW Cars, Expand To More Stellantis Models

Through new deals, Amazon will be integrating its Fire TV streaming platform in Ford and BMW cars, and expanding it to more Stellantis models, the giant tech company announced at this week’s CES event in Las Vegas.

Amazon also announced that it had sold more than 150 million Fire TV devices worldwide as of Q4 2021. According to the company, it sold record numbers of Fire TV smart TVs and Fire TV Sticks during 2021’s Black Friday.

In terms of monthly active users, Amazon last reported 50 million for Fire TV back in December 2020.

Stellantis became the first automaker to integrate Fire TV for in-car entertainment in last year’s fourth quarter, in its new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models.

Now, the system will also be in 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica models — as well as current Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models.



“Fire TV has the expertise to build integrations with each car company and integrate with audio systems and comfort controls that tailor to brand and customer needs,” the Fire TV team said in a blog.

One example featured at CES: a screen for rear-seat BMW passengers that offers a theater-like experience and is the first in-car Fire TV integration to support content streamed in 4K.

In-car Fire TV integrations in the U.S. will offer access to more than 1 million TV episodes and movies, including content from Prime Video. Downloads are also possible, in part to enable offline viewing when cellular service is unavailable during car trips.

The in-car systems will also be updated to offer capabilities now available through in-home Fire TV devices, including personalized profiles.

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