Wendy's Flings Insults At Other Brands On 'National Roast Day'

Jan. 12 was National Roast Day, and Wendy’s served up some choice tweets to insult fans and other brands.

Wendy’s lobbed this one at Oreo: “When adding milk makes you taste better you’re doing it wrong.”

The fast-food chain served this one up for Oscar Mayer: “The hot dog you have to hide in mac n cheese for even children to eat. #NationalRoastDay.”



And another to Mike’s Hard Lemonade: “Still the worst tasting yellow liquid.”

For Aflac, the tweet was one word, “Ok” followed by an image of a tasty-looking roast duck.

The fast-food chain has celebrated the holiday since 2018, though it took a hiatus in 2020.  Wendy’s worked with Ketchum, Spark Foundry and VMLY&R on the effort.

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