It's Tax Season -- And H&R Block Is 'Here To Help'

H&R Block has premiered its first work since Carmichael Lynch won the account last summer.  

Under the tagline “Help is Here,” Carmichael Lynch has unveiled six new commercials that will run through April.

One ad shows a woman going to the bathroom but realizing that there is an empty roll of toilet paper. Then she gets a fresh roll from someone in the toilet next to her. “You know that feeling when you get something you need, right when you need it,” a voiceover states.  

The ad then mentions an advance loan of up to $3,500 on your tax return.  

Another ad shows a woman trying to put something together using an Ikea-esque catalog. “Doing things yourself is great,” a voiceover states, “but sometimes you need a little help.” That ad then shows a man trying to fix a sink with the wrong-sized wrench. Then a man hands him the right wrench. “So go ahead, ask for a little help. Or a lot.”  



The ads are meant to address the 95% of people who would rather outsource their tax preparation than do it themselves, and also promote H&R Block’s online support. 

The campaign showcases moments in life when it pays to have help from an experienced professional. The ads demonstrate H&R Block's various degrees of help, including doing your taxes yourself with the company’s online support, to dropping them off at an H&R Block office, to working with a tax pro virtually, or some combination.

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