Diageo Media Chief Massey Named Co-Chair Of WFA Media Forum, Board

Isabel Massey, global media director at spirits marketer Diageo, has been named as co-chair of the World Federation of Advertisers' Media Forum and global media board, replacing Benjamin Jankowski, who has left Mastercard to set up his own consultancy, but remains a WFA advisor.

Massey will co-chair both groups with Gerry D’Angelo, vice president-global media at Procter & Gamble.

Massey and Diageo have a long history of collaboration with the WFA, including Diageo’s "Trusted Marketplace" model, which was a key building block in the development of WFA’s Global Media Charter, a document that set the stage for the client-directed change needed in the digital media ecosystem.



More recently, Massey worked with WFA as part of a group of advertisers and national advertiser associations to set-up the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

 In her new role, Massey will assist the WFA team in supporting the organization’s growing Media Forum – a peer-to-peer network of global media leaders from WFA’s 130 corporate members, which currently is focusing on:

  • Global internal media capability, structure and transformation.
  • ROI, MMM, attribution and media measurement.
  • Global media agency models and management.
  • Privacy, data governance and control.
  • Supply-chain transparency and ecosystem health.


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