Research Firm Suzy Builds New Advisory Board, Includes Execs From Kraft Heinz, Xandr, CoinDesk

Suzy, a market research platform, introduced an industry advisory board today that includes leadership from many high-profile companies.

Some of the new board members are executives from Kraft Heinz, CoinDesk, Vitacup, and Xandr.

The Suzy MRX Advisory Board will offer expertise to support the company’s strategy and focus, as well as provide input into the development of new products and research capabilities.

Avi Savar, president of Suzy, believes that with the board members, the company is positioned to take an industry lead and deliver on its vision of building the market research insights cloud of the future.

The group will meet quarterly. The first meeting will take place on March 1 in New York City.

The Board will provide input to the overall company and product strategic choices in the market research Industry and by offering input and advice on Suzy's product and roadmap.

Members of the Suzy Advisory Board are:

  • Randall Beard, Advisory Board Chairman
  • Avi Savar, Advisory Board Vice Chair, President at Suzy
  • Katie Gross, Advisory Board Vice Chair, Chief Customer Officer at Suzy
  • Paul Alexander, Chief Marketing Officer at Questrom School of Business, Boston University
  • Chris Chesebro, Global Chief Digital Officer at the Wella Company
  • Phil Deconto, Vice President of Customer Marketing at Ferrero
  • Pete Doe, Head of Research at Xandr
  • Brandon Fishman, Chief Executive Officer at Vitacup
  • Ed Keller, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Engagement Labs
  • Howard Shimmel, President at Janus Strategy & Insights
  • Kim Spaid, Head of Consumer Insights for Enhancers, Specialty and Away from Home - Kraft Heinz
  • Jennifer Stranzl, Chief Marketing Officer at CoinDesk
  • Brad Thompson, President at Synthesis Revenue
  • Dorothy Tse, Product Management Executive
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