Roku Unveils Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Guarantee Ahead Of Upfront

Roku dug deeper into performance marketing on Tuesday with the launch of Nielsen's Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) audience guarantees on its ad-tech platform, OneView, as the company gets smarter at building advertising technology and collects a treasure trove of data across its tens of millions of accounts.

Louqman Parampath, vice president of product management at Roku, believes that in the future all TV ads will be streamed, and all TV advertising measurement will be automated. He says the offering provides another way to measure performance that moves the industry forward.

With this move, upfront advertisers in OneView will have the ability to see and measure audiences across major devices, channels, and publishers.

OneView users can now choose a specific age and gender demographic, such as adults ages 18 to 49, and pay only for the ad impressions that reach their target audience.

This update aims to benefit advertisers and publishers while accelerating the shift into TV streaming by improving performance and reducing wasted impressions.  

Roku, which is launching the option ahead of the upfronts, claims it is the first ad-buying platform to enable Nielsen guarantees across TV streaming. Audience guarantees in OneView are available for ads running on the Roku platform. This aims to make it easier to plan and measure an entire TV streaming upfront in OneView with apples-to-apples measurement to traditional TV.

Roku has also made Nielsen audience guarantees more precise with data points from its direct relationships with consumers. Publishers that enable OneView as a demand source can use proprietary data from Roku to improve the accuracy of their own audience guarantees. The idea is to help publishers save money by wasting fewer ad impressions to fulfill their audience guarantees.

An early adopter includes A+E Networks. Tyler DeNicola, vice president of programmatic revenue and partnerships at A+E Networks, said the company can now offer improved performance with less waste and new guarantees across streaming ad inventory.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, February 1, 2022 at 11:29 a.m.

    Laurie, my problem with this new initiative is the assumption that they have a source that measures whether a person is "reached" by an ad. They don't. Unless something has changed---and I missed it---- all that Nielsen is providing is a reading that a  video/TV ad message  was on the user's screen for at least two seconds---nothing more. In reality, only a third of the time will the user---or users?---actually begin to watch the commercial and most---like 90%+ ---will not watch the entire message.  As for the statements that in the future all TV ads will be transmitted via streaming and all TV advertising measurement will be automted---that's just sales talk---unless we really mean the  distant future.

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