Campari Lifts Retail Sales With Shopping List Marketing

Alcoholic beverage brands like Campari and Heineken are increasingly using in-app ads that get consumers to add items to their shopping lists, according to an analysis by the AdAdapted platform.

Campari’s shopping list ad push started with the pandemic.

“There was a dramatic shift in the way people engaged with brands pre-store and then in-store,” Simon Gilbert, Campari America’s director of channel & customer marketing, told Marketing Daily. “List shopping, pre-shop decision making, and less in-store browsing became more pronounced, especially in the grocery space.”

In late 2020, seeking to get people drinking the summery Aperol Spritz during the winter, Campari used a six-week campaign from Mindshare that featured two ads, each with a cocktail recipe. When the recipe was clicked, Albertson’s and Safeway shoppers added both the Campari products and other cocktail ingredients to such shopping list apps as Buy Me a Pie! and Out of Milk.



In combination with the use of keyword Intercept terms and a consumer poll, the campaign resulted in a $3.40 incremental return-on-ad spend (ROAS) at the two retailers, a 0.37% add-to-list rate -- and a 9.9% rise in incremental sales, amounting to $175,000.

A three-month flight by Heineken, also in 2020, resulted in a $3.32 incremental ROAS, a 0.31% add-to-list rate, and a 1.7% lift in incremental sales, amounting to $248,000, according to AdAdapted.

In another campaign, Michigan craft brewer Short’s Brewing Company achieved $3.86 in incremental ROAS, a 0.31% add-to-list rate, and a 99.8% increase in “incremental list adds,” defined as shoppers who did not previously have Short’s on their shopping lists, and 77.7% “conquested customers,” defined as shoppers who previously had competitive brands or generic versions of specific products on their lists.

In a case study, Short’s creative and marketing manager Christa Brenner said that list-building apps “felt like a solution that was one step closer in the consumer journey to getting our products in carts.”

AdAdapted also reported increased use of shopping list marketing by many other alcoholic brands once the pandemic started.

During 2021, vodka made up 30.01% of 10 spirits categories in add-to-list volume, followed by rum at 13.68%, tequila at 10.66% and whiskey at 9.55%. Campari’s liquor category came in at 5.03%.

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