Salesforce Pardot Is Integrated With Email Creation Tool Stensul

Email creation platform Stensul has formed an API integration with marketing automation technology Salesforce Pardot.

The arrangement allows Pardot users to “create and collaborate on emails and email templates directly in our Email Creation Platform and then easily deploy those emails from Pardot,” says Noah Dinkin, founder and CEO of Stensul.

Dinkin says B2B marketing teams can improve performance by using the two platforms together. 

Stensul already had integrations with other Salesforce products such as Marketing Cloud and Slack. 

The new match-up allows Pardot users to control several creative elements, including subject line and envelope settings, including the From Name, Reply-to email, From Address, To Name, To Address and Tracker Domain. Pardot clients can also select specific folders to be destinations for emails and templates they create, Stensul says. 

In general, the integration improves workflow efficiency, freeing up time to focus on strategic work, Dinkin says.

Marketers can pull a list of available campaigns Pardot into Stensul, including  List Email, Drip Email and One to One Email.

Stensul is also integrated with Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Campaign, Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys, Iterable, Braze, Asana, Wrike, Movable Ink, LiveClicker, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.


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