SEO Employee And Her Two Children Among Hundreds Killed in Ukraine

Tatiana Perebeinis, 43, the chief accountant of SEO platform SE Ranking, and her two children, Alise and Nikita, were three of the four people killed in a Russian attack in Irpin, Ukraine, on Sunday.

“We are devastated to say that yesterday our dear colleague and friend Tatiana Perebeinis, the chief accountant of SE Ranking, was killed together with her two kids by Russian mortar artillery,” said SE Ranking in a post on LinkedIn: “The family was trying to evacuate from Irpin – a small city right near Kyiv that has been left without water supply, electricity, and heating. 

The New York Times detailed the account of the four people who died and how evacuees tried to flee the fighting. NYT reported that people trying to flee to the capital formed small groups and made a run for it, but they needed to cross “a hundred yards or so of exposed street on the side of the bridge closer to Kyiv” to make it to safety.

As the mortars got closer to the stream of civilians, people ran, pulling children to safety, but there was nothing to hide behind. A shell landed in the street, sending up a cloud of concrete dust that left one woman and her two children dead. The man with them, unrelated, died later.

“There are no words to describe our grief or to mend our pain, but for us it is crucial to not let Tania and her kids Alise and Nikita remain just statistics,” SE Ranking wrote. “Her family became the victim of the unprovoked fire on civilians, which under any law is a crime against humanity.”

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