The Healing Company Sets Out To Aggregate D2C Healthcare Brands


“It’s Time to Heal,” according to a new healthcare brand aggregator appropriately named The Healing Company.

Backed by $85 million in initial funding and with wellness icon Deepak Chopra on board as chief scientific advisor, The Healing Company plans to buy and scale at least 15 D2C healthcare brands over the next three years, starting in the holistic medicine and supplements space.

In a 2:00 video aimed at potential acquisitions, chief marketing officer Katie Tobias refers to brands that have already been brought into “the Healing Company community.” The company, however, would not provide any names to Marketing Daily.

Tobias and chief executive officer/co-founder Simon Belsham both come to The Healing Company from Equinox Media, where as president and vice president of marketing respectively, they were responsible for two D2C brands: the SoulCycle at-home bike and the Equinox+ fitness club subscription service.



In the marketing video, Belsham promises to “enhance” The Healing Company’s acquisitions, “lift them up” and “at the same time help with some of the challenges that they may have in running their business and having more impact.”

Indeed, the company’s website states that it’s “seeking partnerships, not takeovers….We deeply believe the founding teams of healing brands and products need to play a critical, ongoing role in nurturing and growing them.”

Tobias points to marketing strategy, brand strategy, storytelling and distribution strategy as tools The Healing Company will provide to the companies it works with to help “ both their  impact and their reach.”

"The world is ready for substantial change,” said Chopra upon the announcement of him joining The Healing Company. “The system today is focused on treating sickness, yet 95% of disease is preventable and caused by lifestyle factors. We need true healing, a return to wholeness. An integrated approach embracing both the conventional and alternative has never been more needed."

Noting that there are a lot of scam products in the nutraceutical and nutritional categories, Chopra told CNBC that his non-profit Chopra Foundation will review existing research before advising The Healing Company on whether to acquire a brand.

Chopra also said that The Healing Company should look into psychedelics, which would appear to be on the horizon since the entity concurrently announced the addition of psychedelics entrepreneur Christian Angermayer as a key investor.

As part of the announcements, Belsham said the global wellness market is projected to reach $7 trillion by 2025, with “growth accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to use this momentum and become the driving force in scaling and consolidating this market segment."

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