AllAthlete's Launch Campaign From BAM

The new sports app AllAtlhlete is airing its launch campaign, created by Brooklyn-based agency The BAM Connection.

The campaign’s anchor ad is running in select AMC theaters in Los Angeles and New York City showing the new film, “The Batman,” as well as on AllAthlete’s social media channels.

"The simple idea behind the campaign is a lot of amateur athletes toil away in the dark, not getting the attention they deserve," Rob Baiocco, BAM’s Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer, says. "The AllAthlete app shines a spotlight on them so they can share their skills, highlights, stats and get noticed by the people who matter." 

In the spot, entitled “All Eyes On The Athlete,” cinematically silhouetted athletes are shown grinding it out in slow motion, perfecting their skills in practice. The sound of bats cracking and shoulder pads colliding bring a deeper sense of gritty realism to the spot, adding to the tension that crescendos in a burst of spotlights shining down on the athletes as their moment finally arrives.



The spot was shot in LA’s Nant Studios, production home to Disney+ show “The Mandalorian.”



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