Validity Speeds Up Certification Process For Critical Ukraine-Related Emails

Email marketing provider Validity is expediting its sender certification process to help governmental and other organizations send emails related to the Ukraine crisis. 

This expansion of the firm’s Validity for Good program is designed to give “agencies and organizations’ email campaigns a critical signal to mailbox providers that the sender can and should be trusted, in order to help ensure their critical emails arrive in inboxes, not spam folders,” says Mark Briggs, chairman and CEO of Validity.

Briggs adds, “It’s imperative for these messages regarding public safety and relief efforts in Ukraine to reach the inbox, while misinformation and other scams are blocked.”

Validity for Good provides free email delivery certification for crisis communications. 

Validity’s email clients normally have to pass a multi-point email program evaluation showing that the sender is trustworthy, and adheres to best practices.

The current effort will allow critical infrastructure, governmental and other communications bypass the firm’s traditional certification process. 

Validity notes that organizations are often forced to send messages to their complete email lists rather than targeted segments. This overwhelms spam filtering algorithms and reduces the effectiveness of email communication. 

It adds that bad actors often take advantage of emergency communications efforts. 


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