The Lincoln Project's New Platform To Fight Authoritarianism

In the leadup to the midterm elections, The Lincoln Project has just launched a new platform to help connect pro-democracy groups with those who want to volunteer their services.

It’s called “The Union” and it is designed to enable Americans to volunteer their skill sets and areas of interest in the ongoing battle against autocracy both at home, like Trump and his followers, and abroad, Putin being one good example.

A video about the effort, narrated by actor Peter Coyote, can be viewed above. Coyote urges all Americans to participate in a bid to defeat “Trumpists and authoritarians from the White House to the city council.”

In its just-ended soft launch phase, The Union added over 30 organizations, with more joining daily.  More than 47,000 volunteers have already signed up.



The tool matches each volunteer’s skills and interests, and connects them with specific actions, campaigns, and causes with the partner organizations.

“The Union represents a unique opportunity for the citizens of this country to rise up and use their talents to fight against those who would threaten American democracy,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “We are incredibly excited to provide a pro-democracy action hub to connect organizations with volunteers and volunteers with a way to make a difference. We believe this collaboration will have a profound impact in the grassroots efforts in 2022 and beyond.”

The Lincoln Project was MediaPost's 2020 Creative Agency of The Year.



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