Fox Corp. Launches Atlas, Contextual Advertising Technology

Fox Corp. is launching Atlas, a video intelligence technology that can identify, segment and suggest contextual advertising opportunities for digital video marketers.

The proprietary technology, developed by Fox Ad Technology, will first launch across Fox News Media with two products: Fox Navigator, which will focus on contextual “alignment,” and Fox Shield, which determines brand suitability.

Specifically for the upfront TV ad market for the 2022-2023 season, Fox News Media will offer Fox Shield to those who are making media-buying deals for digital video.

This comes as cookie-based media-buying is dwindling among legacy and digital media platforms. “Contextual targeting will continue to grow in importance as third party data targeting options continue to decline,” said Jeff Collins, executive vice president of ad sales Fox News Media, in a statement.



The announcement was made on Wednesday at the company’s Content Drives Commerce Brand Partnership Summit in Los Angeles, which revealed to Fox’s investments in content, data, ad tech and new technology to marketing executives.

Recently, other major media companies such as Disney Advertising and NBCUniversal -- in preparation for the upfront TV advertising market set to commence in a few weeks -- also held similar events disclosing new cross-platform measurement efforts, automated TV-video advertising capabilities, and special tests with major media holding company groups.

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