Ukraine Has Enough Glory, Now It Needs Sustained, Coordinated Aid

Bickerstaff, the Kyiv, Ukraine-based ad agency has been working non-stop since the Russian invasion began on ad campaigns supporting the country’s fight on the information front. 

It’s latest effort is a brand campaign for a chartable foundation set up by the Ukrainian Parliament to ease the humanitarian crisis that continues to expand in the war torn nation. 

The campaign’s main idea: For weeks much of the world has been supporting Ukraine vocally, with phrases like “Glory to Ukraine.” The anchor video supporting the campaign states that Ukraine has “enough glory.” Now what it really needs is material support in the form of donations of food, medicine, clothing and other essentials. 

And donations will be more effective if directed to the new foundation set up by Parliament which can better coordinate aid receipt and distribution and protection of distribution lines by the country’s military. 

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