New Yorker Unveils New Look For Its Flagship Newsletter

The New Yorker said this week it is introducing a new look and feel for The Daily, its flagship newsletter. The new iteration of the newsletter will provide context for the iconic brand’s most ambitious features, and give readers an inside look at how stories come together.

The new Daily is co-authored by Jessie Li and Ian Crouch. Li has curated the Daily for the past two years and Crouch is a veteran of the New Yorker editorial staff.

“As your guides to The New Yorker, we’ll begin each newsletter with the must-read story of the day—the one you’ll want to share with friends; the one that helps the world make a little more sense," Li and Crouch said in an introductory post. “The sections that follow will provide everything else you look for in The New Yorker—news and analysis, culture and essays, humor and cartoons, puzzles and games. And we’ll end each newsletter with a postscript—a little diversion that links the news of the day or a moment in history with The New Yorker’s nearly century-old archive.”



In the coming weeks, Li and Crouch will share on-the-ground insights from reporters covering the war in Ukraine, take an inside look at the work of the brand’s crossword constructors, and more. “The result, we hope, will serve as a rewarding and reliable digital companion—something brief and intensely readable that you’ll look forward to each day,” they added in the note.

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