Bacardi Heats Up 'Summer' With Cocktail Campaign

Bacardi rum's lively new campaign — “Move Like It's Summer” — is part of the spirits’ push to promote new Bacardi real rum canned cocktails, Bacardi coconut and Bacardi Superior rum-infused cocktails.

The new flavors include piña colada and a new mojito variety pack, with new mango and strawberry varieties.

The creative, by BBDO, plays up spontaneous summer celebrations, from beach to block parties. 

Spots run through September and will live on Meta, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify and National TV. Ads will also air during the NBA Playoffs, cable originals and within premium Connected TV.

Two 15-second sports comprise the campaign: “Beach Day” and “Block Party,” which highlight the colorful flavors of the season. The ads are augmented by a campaign film: "Move Like It's Summer."



The song “Que Calor,”featured in all three, sets the tone, stirring up dance parties from a shoreline to a street corner, complimented with Bacardi cocktails. 

Ned Duggan, global SVP for Bacardi, said: “Bacardi is all about doing what moves you, and there is no better time to adopt that mindset than summer. We believe in keeping that spirit alive year-round...”

In  “Beach Day,” a man discovers disconnected wires buried on the beach. He plugs them together and “Que Calor” plays through wall speakers. People hear the music, a run can cracks open — and it is time to cut loose.

“Block Party” shows a woman on a balcony overlooking a busy street, holding a Bacardi cocktail. The "Que" song is heard on a small radio near a crossing guard. He cranks up the volume and kicks off a street dance as her shoes change color with each step. At the same time, everyone enjoys Bacardi’s tropical rum cocktails.

Based on volume sales share of leading rum brands in 2020, Bacardi led the pack with 28.5% — about 6.9 million 9-liter cases sold, according to Statista.

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