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Smelly Car? P&G Taps Astrologer To Help You Choose Febreze Remedy

Procter & Gambles’s Febreze has over 30 different scents in its 10-year-old CAR line of automotive air fresheners, so how can consumers choose the one that’s right for them?

Might as well turn to astrology, or in this case, “CARstrology.”

The brand has teamed up with celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly to launch the CARstrology Collection, 12 scents paired to zodiac signs.

So let’s say today’s your birthday. That means you’re a Taurus, “known for sophisticated palates and … deep reverence for the finer things in life. So your CARstrology scent is  Lush,” said to have a sweet vanilla scent “with perfectly paired notes of melon, apple, and musk.”

“Scent is a powerful portal that can manage your energy and shift your mood. Tapping into that in spaces like your car is an easy way to make life more pleasurable,” Kelly said in a statement. “The Febreze CARstrology pairings specifically reflect the core essence of each astrological archetype and what that sign needs most when on the road.”



As part of CARstrology, Febreze has launched a sweepstakes to give away 480 Zodiac-specific keepsake boxes (40 per sign) containing two fresheners apiece.

Febreze and Kelly are promoting CARstrology and the sweepstakes through their respective social media channels.

Meanwhile, Febreze since January has been running a campaign featuring  a :15 spot that focuses on the CAR line’s ability to deliver 40 days of “consistent scent.” The campaign, from Gray Midwest, includes linear television, streaming, online video, in-app gaming, YouTube, digital radio and terrestrial radio.

Besides P&G’s Febreze, other major players in the car air freshener market include SC Johnson’s Glade and Reckitt Benckiser Air Wick. Transparency Market Research (TMR) recently projected that the market for this product in North America will surpass $1.3 billion by 2031, based on an annual compound growth rate of 4%.

TMR said odor control has now become “a key habit for proper vehicle maintenance.”

Febreze CAR products use a clip that attaches to the car’s air vent, with TMR noting that “advancements in vent clips have catalyzed demand for new products in the market” and that “the growing availability of products in automotive shops and mass retail stores is propelling… sales revenues."

TMR also found that companies have been creating line extensions, especially for hanging car air fresheners, which are perceived as inexpensive, "and thus have witnessed wider commercialization.”

A key trend, spurred on by the  COVID-19 pandemic, has been a consumer inclination toward products containing natural fragrances, TMR found. This in turn has led to research into new fragrance compounds based on magnolia, eucalyptus, and limonene oil.

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