Sendlane Email/SMS Platform Now Offered In BigCommerce App Marketplace

Email platform Sendlane has been named a BigCommerce Preferred Technology Partner, meaning that roughly 60,000 merchants can access the Sendlane email and SMS platform via the BigCommerce App Marketplace. 

Sendlane’s behavior-based automation platform “centralizes data across commerce sites and locations,” says Andrew Christison, vice president of strategic partnerships at Sendlane. 

The goal is to provide a central hub and to turn consumers into lifetime customers, the company says.  

According to Sendlane, BigCommerce App stores will have access to such features as: 

  • Multi-Store Connection — This connects stores to Sendlane for a view of their data and messaging and acts as a central hub.
  • Deep-data Segmentation — Brands can tap into data points from their store, website and social channels.
  • Deep-Data Automation Triggers – This feature create unified email & SMS automations to leverage the BigCommerce store data brands already have. 
  • Dynamic Email & SMS Abandoned Carts — Retailers can use this to execute Abandoned Cart automations with multi-device instant cart recovery.
  • Product Picker — Companies can add product images directly from their BigCommerce storefront into emails to include in campaigns or automations. 
  • SMS Consent — This allows stores to gather consent for SMS messages during account creation.



Sendlane serves over 1,700 businesses and delivers billions of emails per year.

In February, the firm announced it was adding SMS/MMS tools to its suite for use in B2C campaigns, including those focused on email marketing. 




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