Peloton Instructors Rally All Kinds Of Folks

Peloton is attempting to rally the faithful with a TV campaign themed “Motivation that moves you.”

A 60-second ad starts with football players who are presumably hearing a motivational talk during a losing halftime. “If you’re sitting there thinking of quitting, don’t,” the coach says. Then the images shift to an executive in a boardroom meeting, who is hearing a similar talk.

The next scene shows a group of medieval people hearing the talk from what looks like a Peloton instructor. The Peloton instructors are then shown rallying the football players, the executives and the medieval peasants, who are initially confused, but fall into line.

The campaign, via Mother, Los Angeles, comes as the company has hired a new CEO, Barry McCarthy.

On Tuesday after its fiscal third-quarter earnings and four-quarter guidance, Peloton missed Wall Street’s expectations.




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