Netflix: King Of TV This Season - At Least In Total Viewed Minutes: Nielsen

Netflix might truly be the king of TV -- at least in terms of one measure: Total minutes viewed.

Looking at the nearly completed TV season -- 33 weeks from September 20, 2021 through May 8, 2022 -- Netflix dominates with total day minutes viewed at 1.33 trillion, according to Nielsen.

The data comes from Nielsen Total Day minutes from persons two years and older, for all programming for all network dayparts.

This includes TV networks' minutes viewed, as well as viewing data from Nielsen Content Ratings for streaming platforms, all covering live program-plus-35 days of time-shifted viewing.

After Netflix -- way down the list -- comes CBS at 752.8 billion minutes, with the best results of any TV network, followed by NBC (596.7 billion), ABC (471.9 billion), and Fox (323.1 billion).

CBS says that of the 752.8 billion minutes, 255 billion minutes came from its prime-time entertainment, which it says was nearly 90 billion more than its nearest competitor.



The next four top TV national sources are streaming platforms -- Disney+ (245.4 billion); Amazon Prime Video (173.7 billion); Hulu (128.1 billion); and Apple TV+ (21.7 billion).

In terms of a traditional, more closely watched TV measure -- prime-time viewing, according to Nielsen's average commercial minute viewing plus three days of time-shifted viewing -- CBS leads all broadcast networks.

From September 20 through May 1, CBS has averaged 6.35 million viewers, followed by NBC at 6.25 million, Fox with 4.68 million, and ABC at 4.19 million.

Another TV season measure, from, also gives CBS high marks for “targeted impressions” for viewers 18 years and older total dayparts for the almost-completed TV season.

CBS had 323.2 billion impressions (September 20, 2021-May 8, 2022), followed by NBC (252.4 billion); ABC (237.4 billion); ION Television (179.9 billion); Hallmark Channel (179.1 billion); Fox News Channel (174.6 billion); Fox (130.3 billion); and ESPN (110.3 billion).

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