OAAA/Comscore Study Finds Out-Of-Home Nearly As Good As TV In Driving Search

The Out-of-Home Advertising Association (OAAA) this morning released findings of consumer recall study conducted by Comscore purporting that out-of-home ads are nearly as effective as TV commercials in driving people to search for a product or service online.

Specifically, 41% of consumers said they initiated an online search after seeing an out-of-home ad vs. 45% who said they did so after seeing a TV spot.

The study, which surveyed 1,580 Americans 16-64 between March 3 and 31, was billed as a “partnership with Comscore” and comes on the opening morning of an annual Out-of-Home Media Conference & Expo jointly hosted by the OAAA and out-of-home media audience measurement service Geopath.

“The results of this research with Comscore should send a clear signal to advertisers: OOH is a vital part of the media mix,” OAAA President-CEO Anna Bager said in a statement announcing the findings this morning.



The Comscore study, which was sponsored by the not-for-profit Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education, also reports findings of seven other online actions triggered by out-of-home ad exposures, including searching social, searching video, posting social, posting video, downloading an app, visiting a website, and making an online purchase.

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