Friends Can Now Shop Together With New eBay Snapchat Sticker

Snapchat announced today that all Android and iOS users will be able to seamlessly share products they are browsing on eBay directly with friends in the Snapchat app.

According to the Snap blog post, 142 million consumers shop on eBay around the world, seeking “the latest sneaker drops to rare, vintage handbags.”

Now, Snapchatters can include these sought-out items in messages with their Snap community, spurring further conversation about specific products.

To access this new capability, users open the eBay app on their mobile device, select any product listing, then tap the “Share” icon, followed by the “Snapchat” option. This will automatically open the Snapchat camera with an eBay sticker.

From there, users can create an original Snap with the eBay sticker, adding on any in-app creative tools. Anyone receiving the Snap will then be able to tap the eBay sticker and visit the product listing in the eBay app.

This is the first time that eBay links can be shared visually through Snap Stories or one-on-one Snaps while still accessing the camera and full suite of creative tools, writes a Snap spokesperson.

The eBay Snap sticker is just one way the popular video-sharing app promote shopping on the platform.

In late April, for example, Snap announced plans for expanded in-app augmented reality (AR) shopping capabilities, allowing users to try on products virtually using Snap’s AR lenses. “Dress Up” will eventually be an in-app hub for virtual shopping, according to The Verge.

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