Nielsen Revamps Digital Ad Ratings, Enables Simpler Access To CTV Audiences

Nielsen has expanded its Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) service to include a simpler version of reporting on connected TV (CTV) person-level audiences across all smart TV manufacturers and streaming providers.

Until now, were only multiple “stand-alone” ways to access deduplication of CTV person level audiences across different providers, Nielsen says.

The new "total" option includes all streaming players and smart TV platforms -- including Roku, Hulu, Samsung, Vizio and others in the same list, making reporting easier.

Nielsen says this gives media buyers and advertisers an easier way to evaluate connected TV inventory and unique reach data.

The company says this is a step toward increased industry coverage -- which will come in full via its Nielsen One, a cross-media platform measurement product -- to provide comparable and deduplicated metrics across all screens.

Two months ago, Nielsen One struck a smart TV data deal with Vizio to include approximately 20 million U.S. connected TVs, which included integrating Vizio’s Inscape data for both its local and national audience-measurement solutions.



That deal includes exclusive data gathered over a period of time from 400 local stations, which will be processed 24 hours a day by Inscape’s systems.

These stations are included in Nielsen’s Local People Meter, Set Meter and Portable People Meter panel.

Nielsen measures CTV viewers, reporting on more than 75% of all CTV advertising spend.

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