Mercora Sells Keyword Ads On Net-Radio Network

The online radio network Mercora on Monday began offering advertisers a self-service Google AdWords-like ad-selling system dubbed MadWords. Intended for record labels, online music sellers, and other music-related businesses, MadWords sells keyword advertising over the Mercora Music Search Network. Advertisers can buy music-related keywords like "genre," "artist," "band," or related artists/bands on a CPM basis--rather than cost-per-clicks.

Mercora has spent the past two years establishing a following for its free and legal peer-to-peer music-sharing network, Mercora IMRadio. Mercora is able to offer users copyrighted digital music over the Internet because each user streaming their music files over the Mercora network is technically considered a broadcaster, or "Webcast," and may thus share their music with others legally.

"MadWords gives advertisers a chance to serve focused and targeted advertising that is both relevant and in context with the music discovery experience," said Srivats Sampath, Mercora president and CEO.



Participating advertisers are given an automatic price quote immediately when they choose the type of ad they wish to run, the number of impressions they want, and the degree of targeting they wish to engage. Introductory pricing starts at $2/TCPM.

Advertisers using MadWords can start with a minimum budget of $5.

The service attracts 200,000 unique users a day--generating over 2 million page views, according to Mercora. It has over 3 million unique tracks and over 50,000 channels of music available at any time.

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