Attention Deficit: Consumers Say They're Not Getting Personalized Emails

Consumers love emails that are unique to them. But most aren’t getting them, judging by The New Era Of Customer Engagement, a study released Tuesday by Cordial. 

Of those polled, 59% say most of the brand emails they’ve received in the past year have been generic. And 78% are frustrated by such messages, whether in email or text. 

““While email can drive sales, generic messages won’t win the day and may turn customers against you,” the study warns.

And be advised that 72% dislike offers for products they already bought or no longer need.  

Yet 82% of all consumers say email is one of top three sources they rely on for purchasing.  

Moreover, 77% like it when a message helps them find something they need at the moment they need it. 

And, 70% would share more information with brands if it would improve their shopping experience, including 75% of women, 64% of men and 81% of millennials. 



What kind of personalized messages do people want? They appreciate it when brands advise them: 

- About new products they might like — 82% 

- When products they want are back in stock — 83% 

- When prices drop on products they are interested in buying — 87% 

- When emails contain personalized coupon codes or discounts — 89%

- When brands remind them they left something in their online shopping cart — 65%

But the study adds that “email needs to be considered as part of the broader communication landscape, thinking about how these messages work with other channels consumers use.  

But shoppers have reservations about texts — 48% of are annoyed by them, and 75% say the ones they get aren’t personalized, and 60% that they’re simply not helpful or interesting. Only 32% feel valued when they get one and 20% are excited.  

How can brands win loyalty? Customers say the best ways are to:

  • Give me the lowest price — 46%
  • Give me personalized offers and incentives — 41%
  • Tailor shopping experiences to my needs — 14%

Here's one more point brands should note: 81% of consumers want to. Buy from brands that “articulate their values and promote a positive culture,” the study says.  

Dynata conducted two surveys for Cordial, surveying1,000 consumers apiece from March 16-23 and April 12-16, 2022.



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