Entrust And Red Sift In New Move To Help Brands Adopt BIMI Email Standard

Entrust and Red Sift have expanded their strategic partnership to help enterprises adopt Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), the email security and branding tool.

As part of the arrangement, Entrust is now reselling Red Sift’s OnDMARC management service to its customers. In addition, firms can manage their logos and obtain Entrust’s Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs).

BIMI allows domain owners to publish their registered trademarks “directly into a premium location, the avatar slot, within a customer’s email,” says Chris Bailey, vice president of Trust Services at Entrust.

But they must first deploy DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance), the standard email security tool, at the enforcement level. And they must have VMCs.

According to the firms, the Entrust-Red Sift partnership allows brands to use a common service platform that supports a single source of contact for DMARC and VMC application, issuance and ongoing management



In addition, it allows them to oversee VMC and DMARC records and VMC lifecycle management, including checking certificate status, renewals, verification statuses, editing and reapplying, they add.

BIMI-tracking service BIMIradar reports that over 12,000 domains now have a BIMI record -- a 88% increase since October 2021. In addition, DMARC adoption increased by 57% from 2020 to 2021, covering almost 1.27million  additional domains. 

Display of a registered trademark using BIMI standards can help increase average purchase likelihood by up to 34% and boost brand recall by as much as 18%, according to a joint survey conducted by Entrust and Red Sift last year. 

In a related development, the BIMI AuthIndicators Working Group found that government-registered trademarks are “too high a bar for most businesses,” said Seth Blank, chair of the working group and chief technology officer of Valimail, in a recent interview. The group is working on lowering the bar in conjunction with Entrust Datacard and DigiCert. 



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