How Obsessed Is Your State With Social Media?

Digital marketing agency Hennessey Digital analyzed the number of Google searches for social media platforms –– including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter –– in each U.S. state to determine which state had the most searches per month for every 1,000 people. 

According to the study, North Carolina is the most social media-obsessed state in the country, with just over 9 million social media searches per month. 

This means that when measured against the state’s population, there is an average of 867.87 social media related searches for every 1,000 people. 

In North Carolina, Facebook claimed the top spot as most-searched social media platform, with over 6 million monthly searches. Instagram came in second with only 823,000 searches, then Twitter with 550,000 monthly searches. 

The second-most social media-obsessed state by the study’s standards was Tennessee, with 5.8 million social media searches per month over the past two years, averaging out to 863.9 searches per 1,000 people. 

Again, Facebook led as the top-searched platform with over 4 million searches per month. Instagram scored 450,000 searches and Twitter came in at 301,000. 

Maine landed in third place, with 856.69 social media searches for every 1,000 people. New Hampshire followed in fourth place with 847.8 searches per 1,000 people, and New Mexico took fifth place with 839.92 searches. 

The study found that Hawaii was the least social media-obsessed state, with 440.34 searches per 1,000 people. Alaska was the second-least with 585.54 searches, followed by Louisiana with 596.16 searches. 

Facebook was the most-Googled social media site in every state, with over 151 million monthly searches in the country as a whole. Instagram followed with 30.4 million, while Twitter scored 16.6 million, and TikTok came in next with 7.48 million. 

Snapchat was the least popular out of the platforms studied, with 1.8 million searched every month across the U.S. 

“It’s interesting to see a variety of states from all four corners of the U.S. in the top ten for social media obsession,” said a Hennessey Digital spokesperson. “It’s also fascinating to see how popular Facebook remains nearly 20 years after it was founded, despite challenges from the likes of Snapchat and TikTok. The Meta social media platform is so popular that in many states it receives 10 times the searches of the next most popular social media site.”


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