Discovery+ Bows Two New Interactive CTV Ad Formats

Warner Bros. Discovery is introducing two new interactive ad formats on Discovery+, in partnership with connected TV (CTV) tech company BrightLine.

The new formats will be available on the streaming service’s “limited ads” version starting in fourth-quarter 2022, and will be offered to advertisers for the 2022-2023 upfront season.

One format, dubbed “Click-to-Contact,” lets viewers “click” on an ad to instantly receive an email from Discovery+ on behalf of the advertiser — providing a way to get more information and buy the product or service. 

“Viewer’s Choice” is a personalized ad format that lets viewers choose a “path” at the beginning of the ad, such as weighing in on their ad and product preferences.

These and other advanced formats enable Discovery+ to “drive brand awareness by offering choices to ad-receptive, engaged consumers,” said Jim Keller, executive vice president of digital ad sales and advanced advertising, Warner Bros. Discovery.

“Audiences expect and want personalized experiences and instant gratification, which applies as much to ads as it does content, so this represents another win for the viewer experience,” adds Rob Aksman, president of BrightLine, which offers capabilities including in-stream scrollable and dynamic overlays and real-time CTV analytics.

In January, prior to the Discover/WarnerMedia merger, WarnerMedia teamed with Comscore, and VideoAmp in developing alternate currencies for ad sales.

In February, Discovery also teamed with Omnicom Media Group in a trial to develop new currencies, involving tests using data from measurement firms Comscore and VideoAmp and advertisers including AT&T and State Farm.

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