Boulevard Offers Email Suite For Self-Care Professionals

Client experience platform for appointment-based, self-care businesses Boulevard has debuted a suite of tools to help clients simplify their email marketing. 

The new offering, the Boulevard Marketing Suite, allows self-care professions to create, execute, track and maintain email marketing campaigns, the company says. 

“In today’s digital age, targeted email marketing is essential to engaging with and retaining clients long after their first appointment,” says Shanalie Wijesinghe, director of education, Boulevard. 

But Wijesinghe adds: “Historically, executing an email campaign has not only required expertise in marketing automation, but also significant time and resources — two things most self-care professionals don’t have in abundance."

The new suite allows self-care businesses to fill slow days and last-minute openings, rescue lost clients and remind existing ones to book, the firm says. 

In addition, the suite provides customizable templates and facilitates sending of general announcements, newsletters, promotions, and business updates, the company says.




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