Americans Spend More On Gaming Than Streaming -- Or Health And Fitness

Just how hooked are Americans on gaming?

The average American gamer spends about $76 each month on gaming, including internet services, in-app purchases, new games and gaming equipment, according to a Pollfish survey of 1,000 gamers ages 16 through 65 by All Home Connections, an AT&T authorized sales agent.

That adds up to about $912 per year, or $58,000 over the course of an average lifetime.

In comparison, recent data shows Americans spending about $564 per year on average for streaming service subscriptions.

About one in four reported spending $20 to $35 on health and fitness (including gym memberships), and the second-highest percentage (21%) reported spending nothing on health and fitness.

Gamers also report spending about 20% more on gaming than travel.

Nearly a quarter (22.3%) reported spending between $1 and $30 on gaming per month, and 18% reported spending between $121 and $150.

About 20% said they spend the most on new games, and 19% said they spend the most on in-app purchases.

Millennials spend the most on gaming: about $86 per month on average, with 41.6% reporting they spend between $91 and $150 each month.

Gen Z is close behind, at $80 per month, while Gen Xers and boomers spend the least: $62 and $52 per month on average, respectively.

Male gamers spend a bit more than female gamers.

Male gamers average about $85 per month, with 40% spending between $91 and $150. Female gamers average $69 per month, with 42% spending between $1 and $60 per month.

Although it’s probably unlikely to change the behaviors of devoted gamers, the survey team also calculated how their reported gaming spending levels would add up over an average lifetime -- more than $66,000 for the millennials, on average (chart top of page) -- and how much each generation could have saved if they’d invested the money spent on gaming between age 16 and 65 (6% return assumed):

While this is all fairly speculative, the premise gives one pause, no?

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  1. Dan Ciccone from STACKED Entertainment, June 2, 2022 at 5:25 p.m.

    Not really sure what this article is trying to present. You don't need to spend money for many health and fitness activities and studies show that most gamers, in the true definition of the word, are more active than the general population. 

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