Red Sift Gears Up To Drive BIMI Use In Apple Mail

Email security firm Red Sift says its onDMARC product can help firms display their brand logos in Apple Mail, thanks to Apple’s embrace of BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification).

Apple announced that it will support BIMI with the next model of iOS last week during its developer conference. The release should occur in September.

“The addition of Apple to the roster of the world’s largest email companies supporting BIMI means that by Fall 2022 it will be possible for nearly 90% of consumers to view logos in emails from organizations that have secured their domains with DMARC,” states Rahul Powar, CEO at Red Sift. 

Earlier this year, Entrust and Red Sift expanded their strategic partnership to help enterprises adopt BIMI.

As part of the arrangement, Entrust is now reselling Red Sift’s OnDMARC security management service to its customers. In addition, firms can manage their logos and obtain Entrust’s Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs).



“Apple’s planned support for BIMI creates increased urgency for organizations to move quickly to secure a VMC, which now serves as a visual representation of security that is critical for enterprises to adopt and support,” said Chuck Swenberg, senior vice president of strategy at Red Sift.

BIMI allows domain owners to publish their registered trademarks “directly into a premium location, the avatar slot, within a customer’s email,” says Chris Bailey, vice president of Trust Services at Entrust.

But they must first deploy DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance), the standard email security tool, at the enforcement level. 

Research conducted by Red Sift and Entrust last year shows this has increased by up to 32% for some brands, and recall can be boosted by 120%.


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