Consumers Prefer Text Over Email For Quick Notifications: Study

Gen Zers and Millennials widely prefer text over email for certain communications. And brands in general must accommodate such choices, according to a survey of 1,000 consumers from Mitto, conducted by Polish in May 2022. 

Of the consumers polled, 90% agree that brands must interact with them in their preferred channels. 

But those channels vary by generation. Overall, 46% favor text over email for confirmations like two-factor authentication 

(2FA) and quick questions. But the number rises to over 66% among Gen Z and millennials.  

Overall, 58% expect an immediate 2FA text message, and 41% would considering abandoning the purchase if they have to wait. 

In general, 86% want brands to confirm their identities for large purchases. And 47% want this for everything they buy for over $200.  

SMS also ranks higher for pay-by-link payments—30% choose it over email because of its faster response times. 



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