PlayStation Ad Plumbs Mysteries Of Identity

Sony Interactive Entertainment has merged its PlayStation Plus service with PlayStation Now streaming.

In a new 2-minute ad via adam&eveDDB, Sony promotes the offering by featuring an older man first shown at a restaurant, dining by himself.  In a voiceover soliloquy, the man wonders if anyone knows who they really are.

As the narration continues, the man walks down the street and visits a butcher, who serves him a slice of raw beef. The man then feeds his fish as the narration progresses.

"How can you know yourself... until you’ve been where we weren’t meant to go -- won and lost more than you ever knew you could, done things you wish you could take back?" the narration continues.

The man then goes down to the basement and we see fetus in a jar and a monster in a jar, as the man walks on. Then the man drops a plate with the raw steak on it before the door. The occupant makes a monstrous noise and we see a hand reaching around for it.

“Manners,” says the man.

The man then laughs and a dog with a robotic leg comes out.

“Why be one thing when you could be anything?” a caption reads.

The action flashes back to a restaurant, where a waitress sees her tip from the man, a mysterious coin.



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