Future's 'Golf Monthly' Brand Reports Record Ecommerce Sales

Future Publishing’s Golf Monthly reported on Monday that it has experienced record online traffic and commerce transactions recently, in the process delivering over $880,000 in sales for retail partners and uncovering significant changes in purchase habits of golfing audiences.

“We saw a surge in traffic during May, with visits to pages around buying guides and reviews increasing 111% over the same period last year,” Golf Monthly Content Director Mike Harris said. “Commerce revenues are up 219% year-over-year, and the wealth of user data we are amassing from our proprietary platform, ‘Hawk,’ offers exceptional insight into the products golfers are not only researching, but also buying online.”

Product categories such as drivers, irons, footwear, and clubs drove exceptional engagement with very high page views. Audiences who visited Golf Monthly’s buying guides in May spent a combined total 1.56 million minutes engaged with content.



“When Future acquired Golf Monthly in 2020, we set out a vision to become the number one destination for golf buying advice, and the latest figures show our progress towards that goal,” Harris said. “The high-intent audience we attract through our buying guides provides retailers with a multitude of opportunities to engage with avid golfers looking to purchase new products as part of their desire to improve their game.”

A major strategic focus for Golf Monthly since it was acquired was to drive more ready-to-buy audience to its site through a combination of high-quality buying advice and SEO dominance, Future said in a press release. The approach allowed golfmonthly.com to rank first in search for popular golf-buying terms, such as best golf club sets.

Future has plans for further U.S. growth in 2022, and has ramped up content creation not only for Golf Monthly but across all its major sites including Tom’s Guide, CinemaBlend, and Marie Claire

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