Bounceback Bounty: The Rates Are Going Up Even As Engagement Improves, Study Says

Email senders are scoring big increases in engagement rates. But they are afflicted by growing bounce rates and other data issues, judging by How has the Great Resignation Impacted Sales and Prospecting Data?, a recent study by Outbase.  

Of the businesses polled, 29.80% saw a significant increase in engagement in the last 12-24 months, and 41.60% said they saw a slight rise. Another 22% said there was no difference, and 6.60% reported a decrease. 

But 69.4% suffered an increase in bouncebacks in the past 24 months, with 22.2% saying they experienced a significant bounceback and 47.2% who saw a slight hike. Decreases were experienced by 9.26% and 21% said they saw neither an increase nor a decrease. 

The result? The increases in bouncebacks had a “significant impact” on prospecting success for 45.5%. Overall, 91% noticed “some kind of impact,” the study says. 

The problem may be out-of-date data. Of the companies polled, 42% update their database monthly, while 47% update quarterly, 8.8% update annually and 1.9% never do.  



The result is that the following proportions of these databases are out of date: 

  • 0% -- 5.9% 
  • Up to 20% -- 6.2%
  • 21-40% -- 36.9% 
  • 41-60% -- 24.9%
  • Over 60% -- 1.2%

Moreover, B2B marketers find that 50% of their databases are out of data after one year due to people changing roles every two years. 

Outbase surveyed 500 marketers and business professionals in May 2022. 

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