Gmail Design Changes Now Being Rolled Out

Gmail, the biggest email service provider worldwide, has rolled out design changes that will provide a single location for multiple uses. 

Google announced the update in a post on Tuesday. A portion of Gmail users will see the new experience by default, although they can revert to classic Gmail in the settings menu. But they will not have to opt in for the new look.  

A Gmail design update had been announced earlier this year. These features apparently are new ones. 

Email marketers will have to determine whether the changes have any impact. 

The updates depend on the user’s Google Workspace edition. Consumers with Gmail only will simply see their inbox with a new look.

Previously, Google Chat, Spaces and Meet had not been disabled for Gmail-only users, prompting criticism, Androi reports.  

Those with Gmail, Chat and Meet can specify which apps they want to see in their new view.  

In addition, the new navigation now offers Material You, a new look for the user’s Google apps. 

The rollout was to start on Wednesday, with an extended period, potentially longer than 15 days, for visibility. 



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