Audience Precision Unveils New 'Media Strategy Guidance System'

Global media and consulting agency Audience Precision today unveiled its new proprietary technology platform Precise360. The agency describes the platform as a “full media strategy guidance system” that is supported by consumer behavioral data.

The new platformis the brainchild of Haydon Bray, the former Chairman of Carat Australia, and technologist Jeremy Cath, who previously worked with Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Alexa and FireTV in Seattle.

The Sydney, Australia-based agency intends to use the new platform as a springboard to expand its footprint in North America.

The duo claims that the platform not only reduces media inefficiency but also improves other marketing and agency processes as well.

For example, strategy development for a client typically takes 2.5 people in an agency up to 100 hours to complete.  Audience Precision claims that with its new platform the same task takes one person 16 hours.

The execs also say their system is proven to strip out between 20% to 50% of wasted media spend in campaigns.



“I began this journey because I was frustrated by cumbersome and slow processes that have prevented agencies implementing the core marketing fundamentals for campaign development,” said Bray. “I wanted to create something that removed menial tasks, had inbuilt quality control around marketing fundamentals, could operate from anywhere, and used the principles of focused optimization for an engaging user experience.”

Bray said technology enhancements in media have focused purely on optimization of media buying, adding that Audience Precision has built strategy guidance technology that enhances the entire marketing process and optimizes it with a strategy lens.

Bray has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur in media and marketing. During the 1990’s he founded and built up media agency Bray Media, which became one of the larger media shops in Australia. Carat bought the agency in 1998 and used it to start its own operation in Australia. Bray ran Carat’s Australia unit for two years before leaving for more entrepreneurial pursuits including an early web TV network, an online health and wellness community and a media and communications consultancy.

Seven-plus years ago, he founded Audience Precision, which in addition to its Sydney HQ, now has offices in New York and London. Cath joined early on as a technical advisor before joining full time as Chief Technology Officer in 2019.

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, July 1, 2022 at 8:07 p.m.

    Bravo Haydon, another Aussie innovation!   I wish you all the best for success.


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