Affiliate Paid-Search Compliance Increasing In Popularity

Some 78.1% of brands expect digital marketing budgets to increase in 2022, compared with prior years. One key media that organizations are looking to explore this year centers on the development of new and existing affiliate programs, according to a recent study conducted by BrandVerity and ClickZ.

Affiliate marketing spend this year in the U.S. is expected to reach $8.2 billion, and paid search will reach a global market spend of $136 billion, per findings in the Paid Search Monitoring and Brand Compliance Survey Report 2022.

Responses to the survey highlight the effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs, paid search and brand monitoring, as well as what determines a brand’s satisfaction with their affiliate providers. It was supplemented by the first-hand accounts and experiences of representatives from BrandVerity, Tripadvisor, Fiverr, and CoursesOnline.

About 47.10% of brands participating in the survey said they do not have an affiliate program in place today. The remainder do have one.



Some organizations have implemented paid search and brand compliance solutions to stop affiliate non-compliance. About 35.60% have, 39.40% have not but plan to do so, and 25% have not.

About 40% said cost is a big factor as why they have not implemented a compliance solution, followed by lack of awareness about benefits; 13% cited size of channel spend; and nearly 10% said it would reduce the company’s channel revenue, and contribution and performance     

The top three reasons brands select a paid search and brand include minimize cost per click, maintain brand safety and integrity, and protect affiliate channel from abuse by policing unauthorized ads.

When asked to cite the satisfaction of existing affiliate providers, 29.70% said very satisfied, 46.50 said somewhat satisfied, and 23.80% said not satisfied.

The survey also asked When asked what determines their satisfaction with an affiliate provider, while 38% cited diversity and quality of networks as an absolute must.

Technology, and service and support solutions ranked higher on the survey, but top item on the wish list was for providers to meet or exceed the clients’ organizational goals.

Goals fluctuate, but 35% of respondents cited their level of satisfaction with affiliate providers was dependent on their provider’s ability to offer built in brand protection solutions to ensure compliance of affiliates’ activity.

Ability to meet or exceed goals:          59.80%

Service and support solutions:            57.80%

Technology functionality and features: 42.20%

Diversity and quality of affiliates:       38.20%

Built in brand protection:                  35.30%

Discovery of new affiliates:               34.30%

Other:                                            9.80%


Surprising, 28.40%  of brands participating in the survey said they have very little visibility into their affiliate program and its ability to stop abuse and improve accountability.

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