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Dickinson's Debuts Bewitching Witch Hazel Jingle


Get ready for an earworm! T.N. Dickinson’s apparently hasn’t gotten the message that commercial jingles have largely been replaced by audio logos. The leading witch hazel brand has not only gone ahead and created a catchy jingle, but gotten TikTok stars The Sharpe Family Singers to debut the tune in a campaign video.

“There’s T.N. Dickinson’s for that, witch hazel for that,” sing each of the six Sharpes in the video as they show how the 156-year-old brand has multiple uses -- from treating cuts and scrapes to sunburn and insect bites to, as dad sings in a lower key entering the bathroom, “even when the problem’s way down there.”



“There are so many uses for our T.N. Dickinson’s clinical grade witch hazel that consumers are not all familiar with, as well as products in our portfolio with specific benefits,” Karen Lesh, head of marketing, Dickinson Brands, explained to Marketing Daily. “We wanted a fun and memorable way to educate consumers about them.”

The Sharpe Family Singers, who will be followed in their use of the jingle by 25 other TikTok creators, were chosen as the initial influencers because of, well, their “family focus.”

And while the campaign’s focus on TikTok might seem like T.N. Dickinson’s is seeking a young audience, Lesh said it’s targeting any “adult males and females looking for natural, safe, gentle, effective solutions for family first aid, personal care and cleansing.”

The “There’s T.N. Dickinson’s For That” campaign also includes paid ads on social media and a “jingle box” for health, beauty and wellness media that includes T.N. Dickinson’s products and plays the jingle upon opening.

T.N. Dickinson’s, the only witch hazel brand with FDA-recognized approval from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), cites IRI research showing that it was the number-one-selling first aid brand for the previous 52 weeks as of June 12.

The brand has dominated the category throughout its history. But Lesh noted that the ongoing consumer move toward natural products means “there are definitely more competitors in the witch hazel market these days, whether it be mainstream personal care brands adding witch hazel as one of many ingredients in their products, or niche brands focused on witch hazel.”

Lesh emphasized that other brands are not clinical grade, with many of them watered down.  “By educating consumers about our brand and the safe, natural, effective solutions it offers, we are helping consumers to make the right choice of witch hazel as they shop,” she said.

Rebel Gail Communications developed the campaign concept, secured the Sharpe Family Singers, and is running the TikTok program. Socialike manages the brand’s social media and the additional influencers.  

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