Critical Mass Creates Campaign To Highlight Euki's Sexual Health App

The Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade sent shock waves throughout the U.S. The right to regulate abortion was returned to the states, some of which have enacted harsh laws to prevent access.

American women fear their sexual and reproductive health is no longer safeguarded.

Critical Mass, a digital experience agency, is launching a social-media campaign to raise awareness for Euki, a free sexual health app where people can access reliable information sexual and reproductive health needs, including abortion, without putting themselves at risk.

The campaign, running on Facebook and Instagram, is initially for six weeks. It targets those who may be denied abortions in their states.

Euki was built using research from Ibis Reproductive Health and released by Women Help Women. 

The creative uses bright colors and clear copy to supply information about reproductive health.



The app was also built to safeguard privacy. User information is stored on the app, not in the cloud or anywhere else. Only the user has access to it. They can set up a personal PIN that isn’t tied to email or phone as added protection.

There is also an optional automated data deletion feature. All links are accessed via an incognito mode, so search histories aren’t an issue.

The campaign is marketed via Critical Mass’s intelligent production studio ArtBot. 

“Among the concerns raised by participants were the dangers posed by random observers, abusive partners and parents or guardians who might see private content on their phone,” said Caitlin  Gerdts, vice president for research at Ibis Reproductive Health. “As  we face a post-Roe reality in the United States, it is clear from our past and present that the  digital security of those who seek abortions in states where it is no longer may be in grave  danger.”

“We’ve always held ‘equal’ as one of our core values – and we’ve always believed women have the right to control and choice over their own bodies. The Euki team shares these beliefs, and we want to back what they’re doing to make a difference,” said Isabella Rodrigues, Critical Mass’ D&I women’s affinity lead and VP of business development.

Critical Mass has 11 offices around the globe. Core services include digital-first branding and full-funnel creative campaigns.  Critical Mass is a part of the DAS Group of Cos. 

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