Apple Touts Stability Of Glass For IPhone 13

The latest Apple ad addresses one of the primary fears of every iPhone owner: that the device will fall and break its screen.

The ad, via TBWA/Media Arts Lab, makes an argument that you don’t need a plastic case for your iPhone. The ad shows an iPhone 13 ringing and vibrating enough to send it flying off the edge of a table. The uncased iPhone then hits the floor, and a headline reads “Relax, it’s iPhone.”

With the iPhone 13, Apple upgraded the glass used on the phone from Gorilla Glass to Ceramic Shield. Ceramic Shield is made by Corning (the same company that makes Gorilla Glass) and embeds ceramic nanocrystals into the glass via a high-temperature crystallization process.

As this ad states, Ceramic Shield is designed for random falls and drops that could have previously meant the end of your iPhone’s glass shield. This 30-second spot makes an effective case for the iPhone 13 and against the plastic cases that most people use to protect their iPhones.



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