Study: Marketers Are Being More Careful With Their Language

Brand marketers are tamping down their language to avoid appearing tone deaf to the issues face by consumers, according to The 3 Cs of Increasing Content ROI in uncertain Times, a study by Phrasee. 

Of the marketers polled, 92% say they are “playing it safe” with their language for fear of being cancelled in the current climate.  

In addition, 79% are concerned about using relevant and appropriate brand messages. And 64% fear their message may be misunderstand or fall flat. 

Another 26% are worried about possible consumer backlash. 

And, 91% struggle to measure return on investment  for their email marketing content.

Moreover, 42% lack confidence that their content marketing is driving adequate conversion rates. But only 29% optimize their language with technology (presumably, such as Phrasee’s). Yet 55% would trust AI-driven language technology. 



That said, 37% are looking for ways to drive greater ROI with their marketing spend. 

"In the marketing world, words have the power to cement trust in your existing customer base and inspire action from new audiences,” says Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee. “The message you use can make or break a business.”

But Malm acknowledges that having a strong brand voice is “critical to growth and—in many cases—survival, especially during a turbulent economic climate.”

On behalf of Phrasee, Atomik Research surveyed 501 respondents who work in the marketing department of its company from May 26 to June 1, 2022.  


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