Yahoo Taps Comscore To Expand CTV Brand Safety Tools, Contextual Abilities

Yahoo has partnered with Comscore to expand connected TV (CTV) brand safety tools and contextual segmenting capabilities in its demand-side platform (DSP).

The Yahoo DSP will integrate Comscore Activation, a set of pre-bid inventory filters powered by contextual artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent categorization technology, to let brands combine various segments and descriptive filters to protect brand safety according to their preferences, without sacrificing reach, according to Comscore.

Contextual segments, including categories such as TV genre as defined by IAB, can be used to optimize reach within CTV app inventory with or without identity data.

According to Yahoo, the Comscore tools add to existing brand-safety and suitability tools available in its DSP, including DSP and SSP quality control initiatives, built-in and third-party fraud/invalid traffic (IVT) protection, inventory mapping, tiering and categorization, and support for inventory inclusion and exclusion lists.

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