Nissan Hosts 'Summer Camp' For Influencers

Nissan North America recently hosted a group of influencers at a “summer camp” full of activities. 

The idea was created by the communications team to demonstrate how the automaker’s Rogue and Pathfinder SUV models are designed to make life easier for families.

The three-day program was unique in that the four influencers were asked to bring their family and even their dogs along with them. No one was compensated for their attendance or content, which was posted on social media using the hashtag #NissanSummerCamp.

“The program had a Northeast-regional focus, which allowed us to build new relationships with travel and lifestyle media/influencers, a different approach from the automotive-focused group we work with on a regular basis,” says Stephen O’Neil, senior manager, brand and regional communications. “We appreciate that different audiences prefer to consume content in different places and formats, so we try to meet our customers where they are.”



To identify attendees, Nissan used influencer search tools to find those aligned with audience demographics specific to the model (Rogue or Pathfinder), keeping in mind key factors like engagement KPIs and brand safety qualifiers. 

“This data is what led us to offer family member (including dog family member) invitations" -- the first time for such an invite, O’Neil tells Marketing Daily. “We felt this created the most authentic family adventure experience for our guests.”

Most of the guests were based in the New York City area, so portions of the experience were spent driving to or from Saranac Lake, New York.

Nissan’s goal was to create the type of experience Rogue and Pathfinder customers would be likely to take with their families so that influencers could accurately describe what it’s like to take a family adventure in the vehicles, according to the automaker.

The company sees the programs as a repeatable format it can use again throughout its model lineup to create authentic brand experiences, supplement national programs and build or nurture relationships.

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