Johnnie Walker, Lilly Singh Push For Female Leadership

Johnnie Walker is committed to closing the gender cap in leadership with its First Strides initiative. 

The video push will run on social media Twitter, IG and YouTube.

The First Strides initiative will fund, mentor and champion women entrepreneurs and leaders in public and private sectors. Johnnie Walker is forging partnerships with leading organizations — including IFundWomen, the go-to funding marketplace for women-owned businesses, and She Should Run — which centers on encouraging women to run for elected leadership, to achieve its goals.



Lilly Singh, the YouTube talk show host, has partnered on the effort and produced the video that underscores women’s collective successes in the workplace, as well as the lack of larger leadership in politics and business.

“We often talk about the importance of having a seat at the table. Well, right now there is only one woman at the table for every three men— even though gender diverse teams perform better, are more innovative and more profitable. In other words, it pays to let women lead,” said Singh. “We need to build a future where women have more equitable access and opportunities, and where we are all seated as equals.” 

She Should Run wants to inspire 250,000 women to take their first strides toward public leadership by 2030.

Johnnie Walker supports that mission with a funding goal— to reach $1 million in grants by 2030 for women-owned businesses. For more info:

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  1. Clark Celmayster from Endeavor, August 31, 2022 at 12:42 p.m.

    It should never be about race or sex but about who is best and MOST QUALIFIED for the job!  Period!

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