Stellantis Launches Alfa Romeo Video Series

Stellantis is launching a documentary-style video series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 race team and its partnership with Sauber Factory.

The first of five episodes, “Before We Hit the Ground,” debuts today on YouTube and Alfa Romeo's social media channels. Additional episodes will drop throughout the 2022 racing season.

The 8:46 video shows how more than 500 professionals of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen work every day to chase perfection in strategy, as well as engineering.

“During the weeks leading up to the event, motivation, passion and focus become the key to pursuing one common goal: speed,” according to the automaker. 

Protagonists of the first episode are the managers of a team who work hard to define strategies and goals aimed at getting the most out of the group.



However, the partnership between Alfa Romeo and Sauber goes far beyond Formula 1. The race cars are the laboratory of experimentation, according to the automaker. 

“There is groundbreaking work happening in electrification strategy, at the cutting edge of big data and artificial intelligence management, and in the development of next-generation software,” per the automaker.

In addition to technique, there is a human component made up of intense training sessions to arrive at the race in perfect physical and mental condition, with athletic and technical tests simulating activities in the paddocks and sessions spent in the simulator, according to the automaker.

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