Samsung Disses Apple Again In Latest Spot

As Apple prepares to announce its iPhone 14, Samsung has swooped in with a preemptive strike promoting its S22 Ultra/Z Flip 4.

The ad, via Publicis Groupe, is unusually combative. “Buckle up for Apple’s latest launch,” the ad begins. “As you enter a world where heads will turn -- just not in your direction.”

The ad then points out that the highest-resolution camera (108 megapixels versus 48 megapixels for the iPhone 14) “will be in someone else’s pocket.”

The iPhone 14 doesn’t collapse the way that Samsung’s does, either, a point made by showing the phone doubled over at the end of the ad.

Samsung has been criticizing the iPhone for some time now. Before the iPhone 13 was released, Samsung tweeted it was “flattered” that the iPhone came in green. This latest missive is likely to fall flat with most Apple users and buoy the Samsung faithful, much like the most-recent Samsung ads.




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