Marketers Now Can Import Pinterest Ads Into The Microsoft Audience Network

Platforms are providing omnichannel support to marketers as technology advances and strategies become more savvy.

Microsoft Advertising on Tuesday launched several features, but the one that stands out is Pinterest Import, which will support the integration of marketing strategies across platforms.

Pinterest Import lets marketers import campaigns from Pinterest Ads into the Microsoft Audience Network. The advanced import option allows advertisers to customize campaigns for Microsoft Advertising, make changes to bids, budgets, and other settings.

Microsoft said Audiences will not be imported, so make sure to use Audience Network Planner to identify the correct audiences to target before launching the campaign.

Google Import for Performance Max campaigns also launched. The goal is to simplify duplicating efforts across platforms when using Google Ad’s Performance Max campaigns.



Max campaigns can import as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads in Microsoft, according to the company. For example, asset group names will be mapped to ad group names, but text and image assets won’t be imported. Listing groups from Performance Max campaigns will be mapped as-is to the product groups in Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads. Microsoft said it’s working to support multiple product groups. This feature is in closed beta, but marketers can sign up for it with account teams.

Microsoft also launched support for multimedia ads in Microsoft Advertising Editor. It is generally available in all markets. Support for the Microsoft Audience Network is still in pilot.

Tuesday’s announcements also included Microsoft Advertising Editor support for multimedia ads, cruise ads, tours, and activity ads now available, and subdomain support for dynamic search ads.

And, the general availability of subdomains in dynamic search ads in all markets where DSA are available. The update lets marketers add subdomains like in addition to your top-level domains like It improves the precision with domains and campaigns.

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