State Farm Embraces Start Of Football With Ads To Break In NFL Season Opener

State Farm is embracing the football season with new ads featuring NFL stars Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes and the character Jake from State Farm.

The ads, via the Marketing Arm, will break during Thursday night’s NFL opening game on NBC.

The ads feature Jake intervening when Rogers appears to be troubled.

In the ad, Rogers is in the locker room and is eating something from a bowl when he tells Jake that he likes the Personal Price Plan -- but he hates practicing, so he has hired a body double to do it for him.

Just then, the body double appears with a different hairdo and says “Sweet kaks”  -- referring to Jake’s pants.

Jake then explains that the Personal Price Plan helps create an affordable price for you, personally.

After that, the body double asks if he still gets paid. Rogers answers “Definitely,” and then shakes his head no.  



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